Terms and Conditions

Tyre Assistance Cover

This warranty is administered by AXA Assistance. AXA Assistance operates the 24-hour TyreAssist helpline. This document sets out the terms and conditions of your warranty and it is important that you read it carefully,
Each section of this document confirms what is and is not provided. There are also general exclusions that apply to all sections and general conditions that you must comply with for the warranty to operate.
Meaning of words
Wherever the following words and phrases appear in bold in this document they will always have these meanings:

1. We/Us/Our
Michelin Tyre plc,  Campbell Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 4EY

2. You/Your/Driver
The warranty holder or any person driving with their permission.

3. Vehicle(s)
Vehicle means the private car (including light commercial vehicle), fitted with a Michelin or BFGoodrich tyre that benefits from this warranty, which does not exceed 3,500 kg in gross weight, 5.1m in length, 1.95m in height and 2.1m in width, If your tyre fails whilst towing a caravan or trailer we will recover your vehicle together with the caravan or trailer providing they do not exceed the following dimensions: 8m in length, 3m in height and 2.25m in width. You must carry a serviceable spare tyre and wheel for your vehicle, caravan or trailer, if it is designed to carry one.

4. Your Home
The UK or Republic of Ireland address last notified to us as your permanent residence or place where your vehicle is normally kept.

5. UK and Republic of Ireland
Great Britain, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

6. Validity Period
The warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase of your tyre.

7. AXA Assistance
AXA Assistance (UK) Limited, The Quadrangle, 106-118 Station Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1PR, UK.

How to claim in the UK and Republic of Ireland
To contact TyreAssist, telephone the 24 Hour Emergency Helpline on:

UK and Republic of Ireland Emergency Assistance No.01737 815074

You should have the following information available upon request:

In the event of a tyre failure on the motorway, proceed to the nearest SOS Emergency Telephone Box. Ask the Police to contact the 24-Hour EMERGENCY Helpline on the above number. Be prepared to provide the additional information together with the number of the SOS Emergency Telephone Box.

Only by calling the Emergency Helpline numbers, will you be able to claim for the services provided under this warranty.

Tyre Failure in the UK and Republic of Ireland
Section A – Roadside Tyre Assistance. What is covered:

  1. If your vehicle is immobilised as a result of a tyre failure, we will arrange and pay for a vehicle rescue operator to come to the vehicle order to try and restore mobility
  2. If your tyre cannot be repaired at the place of immobilisation, we will arrange and pay for your vehicle together with the driver and up to seven passengers to be taken to a suitable local tyre dealer normally within 15 miles, for it to be repaired at your cost
  3. If you do not have a serviceable spare and the tyre cannot be replaced within a reasonable time period, we will pay for one nights accommodation and pay up to £50 per person per night on a bed and breakfast basis

What is not covered:

  1. Anything mentioned in the general exclusions.

Section B – General Exclusions applying to all parts of this warranty

What is not covered:

  1. The cost of any spare or replacement parts
  2. Labour costs of more than 1 hour for roadside tyre assistance
  3. Any call out or recovery costs incurred in the UK following a tyre failure where the police or other emergency service insist on immediate recovery by a third party. You will have to pay any storage or release fees while the tyre is being repaired
  4. Assistance or recovery if your vehicle is partly or completely buried in snow, mud, sand or water
  5. Any non tyre related callout
  6. Any Specialist Recovery costs incurred
  7. Loss of any kind arising indirectly from the provision of, or delay in providing, services under this warranty
  8. Transportation of animals, including horses or livestock. Onward transportation of any animal in your vehicle shall be at our discretion and solely at your risk
  9. If your vehicle has been modified for, or is taking part in, racing, trials or rallying
  10. Recovery or assistance where the vehicle exceeds 3,500 kg gross vehicle weight or 5.1m in length, 1.95m in height and 2.1m in width.
  11. Mobile phone and telephone call costs are not covered in any circumstances.

Section C – GENERAL CONDITIONS applying to all parts of this warranty

  1. Your vehicle must be permanently registered in the UK or Republic of Ireland and if appropriate have a current MOT certificate and valid tax disc on display. It shall at all times be maintained in a good mechanical and roadworthy condition and be regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
  2. No benefit shall be payable unless you contact us via the emergency telephone numbers provided. You must not seek to contact any agent or repairer direct
  3. You are responsible for the safety of your vehicle and its contents and, unless incapacitated, or by arrangement with us or our agent, you must be in attendance at your vehicle at the estimated time we advise that assistance can be expected
  4. You will have to pay the cost for the recovery or repair vehicle coming out to you if, after requesting assistance to which you are entitled, your vehicle is moved, recovered or repaired by any other means
  5. You must always provide the appropriate locking wheel nut key to your vehicle
  6. We are not responsible for any actions or costs of tyre dealers, recovery firms or emergency services carrying out work or acting on your instructions or the instructions of any person acting on your behalf
  7. You shall carry a serviceable spare tyre and wheel for your vehicle and any attached caravan or trailer. Please note this exclusion does not apply if your vehicle is not designed to carry a spare wheel
  8. If your vehicle needs to be taken to a tyre dealer after a tyre failure, it must be in an easily accessible position for a recovery vehicle to load. If this is not the case you will have to pay a Specialist Recovery fee
  9. You will have to pay for parts, components or other products used in the repair or replacement of your tyre
  10. We shall not be responsible for more than three claims for assistance during the warranty period
  11. The parties to this warranty are you and us and any person or company who is not party to this warranty has no right under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this warranty but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party that exist or is available apart from that Act

Our Promise of Service
We make every effort to provide you with the highest standards of service. If on any occasion our service falls below the standard you would expect us to meet, the procedure below explains what you should do.

Complaints Procedure
can write to the Quality Manager, who will arrange an investigation on behalf of the General Manager, at: Michelin tyre assistance, The Quadrangle, 106-118 Station Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1PR, UK or telephone 0870 609 0023. AXA Assistance will look into your case.

The existence of this procedure does not affect your statutory rights.

Data Protection Act
Details of you, your vehicle and claims made under this warranty will be held by us and by AXA Assistance for processing, claims handling and fraud prevention purposes subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. We may also use this information to tell you about other products and services we can offer you. If you do not wish to receive such information from us please tell us by writing to us at TyreAssist, Michelin Tyre plc, Campbell Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 4EY.